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To PBO and PCPI Members, and the Print Industry Community-at-large,

We've heard many of you express how much things have changed in our industry over the last few years, but that the tools needed to do our jobs have not. By combining forces, our mission is to reinvent print buying, and develop new solutions to help members manage their print projects more effectively. Here are some of the challenges we know you're facing:

How complex the process of designing, configuring, finding the best price, & managing a job can be

Collaboration is key to a projects' success but the process of managing a project, along with the associated tools, don't always offer a fluid and collaborative workflow

Print project process is fluid and ever-changing, but systems are not

It's difficult getting a real-time price, and to immediately see price changes when quantity & specifications shift

Spending too teach time managing jobs, not enough time using your knowledge

From a staffing perspective, print buying is not an attractive vocation for new employees and the retirement of traditional print buyers has caused a knowledge drain

Print buying has traditionally focused on the print supplier's workflow. Solutions have not been developed to reengineer the process for customer efficiencies

Even seasoned print buyers use antiquated methods, such as email and Excel spreadsheets, to collect job pricing and performance data, which makes continual improvement more difficult to achieve

Well, we're listening, and we're working on creating a revolutionary new web-based platform to help the print community:

Get instant and reliable pricing based on the right production equipment

Collaborate with creative, marketing and production team members to be more efficient

Manage maverick print buyers in your organization and control quality expectations

Spend time using your hard-won expertise instead of managing menial tasks

We're looking forward to sharing more on this new platform as we prepare to launch. Let us know if you want to learn more by signing up for updates or discussing with our team. We're excited to bring change and reinvention to our community, and happy we can experience these changes together.


Mark Alioto